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What is DAO Moonopolis?

Moonopolis is the first city founded in the NFT Moon Metaverse, it is self-governed and decentralized. That means there is a DAO (“Decentralized Autonomous Organization”) consisting of 5,000 Avatars – the managing board of the Metaverse community.

Why shall I DAO? Is it relevant to me?

Via the DAO, you can influence an evolution of the Metaverse and navigate its future. DAO Avatars are the key decision-makers on how this world works and its economy develops.

Economy? Besides honors,
is being a DAO Avatar profitable?

Yes, all DAO Avatars get access to 10+ sources of income and CLEVER management experience in Moonopolis City.
Besides, before the rise of Moonopolis and launch of the NFT Moon Metaverse, owners of DAO can participate in sales of ID Cards for MoonWalkers – the inhabitants of the Metaverse.

Earning opportunities for DAO Avatars

ID Cards Sale

DAO members receive income from the sale of Moonopolis City ID Cards – there are 15,111 of them.

DAO Avatars Recrutement

After the first 2,000 Avatars sold, 30% of the remaining avatars will be sent to the DAO who decides the direction of these funds.


5% of the royalties from the resale of avatars will be sent to DAO Moonopolis.


Revenue from the sale
After 5,000 Avatars are sold, the DAO can make a decision and sell another 5,000 Avatars and send 40% of the income to the DAO.


Management is the basis of city management. Your proper management creates income for you.
Income from projects
Within the city, you can come up with any place or type of activity, and part of the income from this location or business will be directed to the DAO.

What is CLEVER management?

Personalization of Avatars




Source of income


Traits of uniqueness

 public sale

Get your DAO avatar on a public sale

For the first round of sales, Avatars are available at the presale price

For 1 mint you can buy a maximum of 5 avatars

DAO Avatars Sale Stages

Partners and Foundations


RoadMap DAO Moonopolis

Meet Our Team

Have Any Questions?

It is a decentralized autonomous organization within the first Moonopolis city in the NFT Moon Metaverse Metaverse. Management takes place with the help of 5000 avatars, the sale of which will be announced later. You will not only manage but also receive income. You create the world and your income. Read more about DAO Moonopolis

There are only 5000 avatars and they are included in the DAO. These are realistic avatars in a futuristic style. See an example of some of them:

In order to get access to the Whitelist, you need to go to Discord.

Next, select “Get access to Whitelist DAO Avatar Moonopolis”.

Choose the method that is convenient for you to access the Whitelist.

For those who get Whitelist at the Presale stage, avatars will cost 0.08 ETH for 1 pc.

On the Public sale, the avatar price will already be 0.1 ETH. It is important to know that not everyone will have time to buy an avatar even at this price. So be sure to get a Whitelist to be able to get an avatar.

Yes. Any asset that appears within the metaverse is part of it. Avatars, a piece of land, and an id card are all part of the metaverse.

NFT Moon is a metaverse in which a person can build a new life.
The main task of the player is to make the planet alive. To do this, convenient constructors are given, where a person builds avatars, houses, objects, cities, countries. All interaction is based on Play2learn.
The entire metaverse is built on plots of land. Plots can already be bought . The plot gives the following opportunities: to divide the land, to rent, to receive income from the metaverse, access to advanced designer features, access to rare avatars.

Yes, there are many sources of income in the metaverse. Examples: Farming, staking, renting, creating items, business, advertising and more than 100 sources of income.

The token is already there. Its name is NFT Moon Metaverse (NTM). BSC network. We have passed two rounds of financing: Seed and Private. Now we are preparing for the IDO. The address of the token smart contract:

Preparations for IDO are underway now. Right after IDO we go to DEX and then CEX. Wait for announcements.

The Alpha version of the metaverse is currently being developed. The announcement of the alpha version is planned for the second quarter of 2022.

Yes. We create the opportunity to create any items and motor skills, as well as sell and rent them on the internal and external marketplace.

We produce 10,000 plots. The buyers of these plots themselves will divide their plots into smaller plots of land and decide for themselves whether to sell them or not. Thus, we give an advantage to the first buyers. In total, about 120,000 plots will appear in the metaverse thanks to the first 10,000 plots. You become an issuer of land plots.

You become a co-owner of the metaverse. You receive income from rent, sale. You receive a reward from the life of the entire metaverse. Get access to hidden features in the metaverse. Maximum access to the constructor with which life is created in the metaverse. Access to rare NFT and much more.

Now you can see your plot of land by adding it to your Metamask wallet at the smart contract address or just go to any marketplace that supports the Polygon network and connect to it using your wallet.

The more resources you have, the greater your income. The plot is the most important resource in the metaverse.

There are 6 types of land plots in the metaverse (Standard, Elite, VIP, Prestige, President, Genesis). Each view includes a certain number of plots. The larger the type of plot category, the larger its area, divisibility, income, access level, distribution of rewards, income from farming and staking, avatar level, rarity level of nft received, etc.

There are three payment methods on the site. You can pay with Matic, BNB and ETH.

Yes, we have an affiliate program and special conditions for partners. You can find out the conditions by writing in a telegram to the account: @moonplots

ID card is an access to income generation in the city of Moonopolis.

MOONOPOLIS CITY is the first city in the NFT Moon Metaverse to be placed on one of the 10 unique Presidential land. The city will be an economic simulator with graphics close to reality. The entrance to the city will be possible only with ID cards. Each cardholder will receive a resource allocation depending on the card ID class. There will be a total of 15,111 ID cards of 7 categories. Each ID card is a unique key that is created on the Polygon blockchain.

There will be a total of 15,111 ID cards of 7 categories. Each ID card is a unique key that is created on the Polygon blockchain. Details can be found on the Moonopolis website.

It is important to remember that the plot is the main and main asset in the metaverse. Having an Id card gives income and other advantages in the first city. But the plot provides maximum opportunities and income in the entire Metaverse.

Yes. Every id card holder always has advantages: Participation in token sales, NFT, avatars, items. Access to the closed Discord section, through which bonuses and drops will be distributed. For more information, visit the Moonopolis website.

Yes. We have no restrictions. You can buy any number of ID cards.

We are creating a multi-chain Meta-universe. Token in the BSC network, plots and ID card in the Polygon network.

You can pay with an id card using Matic, BNB, ETH. When buying an id card, it is automatically sent to the address from which you paid but on the Polygon network (It is better to use Metamask for purchase).

Join HQ of DAO Moonopolis in the real world

Legal information:

The company “NFT Moon Metaverse LLC FZ” UAE . License number 2201031.01 Address: Business Center 1, M Floor, The Meydan Hotel, Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, U.A.E.